Hardware Design

Quality and time are the most important for us. We provide services in the field of designing electronic devices. We specialize in designing for the Internet of Things. We design analog and digital circuits. We use modern technologies in our projects. We place emphasis on the reliability of the systems.

Software Development

Our team designs software for embedded systems. We are design reliable application for ARMv7, ARMv8, AVR architectures. We program STM8, STM32, MSP430, ATMega, ESP8266, ESP32 microcontrollers. In addition, we design web applications for the Internet of Things and Graphic User Interface using TouchGFX Framework. We successively implement artificial intelligence algorithms on microcontrollers. We use modern solutions for programming electronics. We coding in C/C ++, Micropython, Arduino and similar

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+48 663 962 013


Wrocław, Poland,

Europe Union


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