Design and Develop

Embedded Systems

We create robust solutions especially for Agriculture IoT.

Artificial intelligence on Microcontrollers.

Our company focuses on designing hardware and software for industrial and consumer electronics. The full design path ensures success in your business.

Hardware Design

Design analog and digital electronic. Schematic and PCB. Reverse Engineering. Full documentation.

Develop Software

Web IoT platform. Using MongoDB, MQTT, JSON, Micropython, C/C++. STM32, STM8, ESP8266


Assembly electronic devices. Mounting THT and SMD components. Super fast prototyping.

Testing and Repair

Testing Embbeded System and fixing bugs. Increasing reliability.

We create awesome project for our clients. Couple of latest project.

Test automation — RobotFramework

Checking the reliability of water meters (IoT).

eBasto Spotlight Driver

Controller for UV-C lights via Wi-Fi network.

Gas Detector GSM

Gas Detector

Measuring concentration of gases on farm.

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