The STM32WB5MMG is an ultra-low-power certified 2.4GHz wireless module. The module supports such technologies as Bluetooth Low Energy version 5.0, OpenThread and Zigbee. Moreover, it is based on the STM32WB55VGY microcontroller which provides good receiver sensitivity and a high output power signal. The module provides data transfer speeds of up to 2 Mbit / s and a range of up to 75 meters.

STM32WB5MMG Wireless module (Top view).

Due to the low energy consumption, the module will work well in applications where the energy source is a battery or energy harvesting system. The system requires a supply voltage with a minimum value of 1.71V to a maximum of 3.6V. However, the typical value of the supply voltage is 3.3V.

The module is available in the SiP-LGA86 package with dimensions of 7.3 x11 x 1.342 mm. In addition, the system has 68 GPIO ports. Moreover, the solution offers interfaces such as USART, Low-Power UART, I2C, SAI and USB 2.0.

STM32WB5MMG Wireless module (Bottom view).

Product Specifications

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