Hardware Review E73-2G4M08S1C

Module E73-2G4M08S1C is the 2.4 GHz SMD Wireless Solution for versatile application. For this reason the module can be used for example in an application: smart homes and industrial sensors, security system, positioning system, wireless remote controle and a lot more.

nRF52840 Bluetooth Transceiver SMD E73-2G4M08S1C BLE 5.0

The E73-2G4M08S1C are wireless Bluetooth modules. Indeed designed by Chengdu Ebyte which feature small size, low power consumption. It adopt the orginally imported RFIC nRF52840 od Nordic Semiconductor, supporting BLE 4.2 and BLE 5.0. The chip has high-performance ARM Cortex-M4F kernel and other peripheral resources, such as UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, DMA, PWM etc. Moreover the module has output most IO Port of nRF52840 for multilateral development.

Currently, the nRF52840 chip is the most powerful of the nRF52 family. Table below showing nRF52 family.

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Technical details

The E73-2G4M08S1C module with nRF52840 on board requires a supply voltage of 1.7V to 5.5V. Especially the voltage of 3.3V ensures the best module performance. In addition, the module contain SMD ceramic Antenne. The module provides a maximum transmission power up to 6mW. Power level can be software adjusting. The theoretical distance for data transmission is 120 meters. The dimensions of the module are only 13×18 mm.

Dimensions of E73-2G4M08S1C Module.

Show me what’s inside!

The electronic components of the module are closed under a metal electromagnetic shield. This element is mounted to reduce the influence of the electromagnetic field. As a result, it ensures the electromagnetic compatibility of the device.

E73-2G4M08S1C Inside view.

After disassembly the metal chassis, we see the electronic components. The main component – the nRF52840 electronic circuit is located in the central part of the module. This system is currently available in the footprint QFN73 version with dimensions of 7x7mm and smaller WLCSP version with dimensions 3.5×3.6mm. The E73-2G4M08S1C module has the QFN73 version installed. A quartz resonator is located close to the processor. This 32MHz resonant frequency component provides a clock signal for the nRF52840 network processor. In addition, quartz has an industrial class, so the module can be used for industrial applications.

Bottom side with I/O Ports Label (the quality of the solder mask is not the best – blur effect).

In the next article about the E73-2G4M08S1C module, a description of how to start working with the E73-2G4M08S1C module based on the nRF52840 chip will be presented.

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